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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Learn Profitable Website Flipping

One of the most lucrative yet least talked about areas of making money online is the creation and selling of developed websites for profit.

The reason why website flipping can be so lucrative is that the only costs involved is the acquisition of a salable domain name, setting up the hosting account, and the creation of the website content. Each of these steps is critical to your success so let's examine each in more detail.

1. A salable domain name. One of the top criteria for buyers in deciding whether or not to purchase a developed website is the domain name. Care should be taken in choosing a domain. Probably the most desirable area to develop websites for flipping is in the area of Internet marketing. If you were to choose an Internet marketing niche, you would want to have a domain name that contain the keywords of the niche. So for example, if you were to develop a website based on affiliate marketing you would want a domain name that contains the words "affiliate" and "marketing". A third words such as success, cash, formula are all desirable and will lead to quick sales of the website.

2. Website hosting. You want to choose a website host that makes it easy for you to transfer an account to a new user. Many website flippers will sign up with a hosting service that offers reseller accounts. The reason for that is that the website flipper wall for the new buyer hosting service that results in an additional monthly income to the seller. For example, if a reseller account costs $20 a month and a website is sold with the seller offering hosting at $10 a month, after two sales the reseller expenses are covered and any additional sales are pure profit.

3. Creation of content. The content that you create for the website should be desirable and unique. Websites that are sold on a flipping basis are typically blogs, AdSense sites, or websites that offer downloadable products such as e-books or video courses. The sites that sell for the highest amounts typically are the downloadable product sites. If you created downloadable product site make it turn key. This means that it has to have a sales letter and a download page. The higher the quality of the site graphics, the higher the sale price will be.

Website flipping is a very profitable niche of online income. It has very high profit opportunities and can be done by anyone anywhere in the world. If you focus on quality you will become a success in a short period of time.

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The Secret to Fast Wealth In Internet Marketing

When you first start out in internet marketing the first thing most people look for is a secret to making money fast, "The Secret". After years of being an internet marketer I have come to the conclusion of one thing.....there is no secret! Sure, there are things you can do to advance your business but there is not any one secret.

So, what is it that you must do to succeed in internet marketing. Do some activity daily that will either increase visitors to your website or build your mailing list. If you do these then you will eventually succeed. Yes, it takes work to build your business online just as it takes work to build an offline business, what they call a brick and mortor business.

Here are some things you can do to succeed online and bring more visitors to your website and add more subscribers to your list. Steps you will want to take to build your online business.

1. Don't jump around from one idea to another - stick with and focus on one idea! This was one of my hardest things to learn. I always thought I could find something better than what I had. I would have been much better off just to stick with the one thing I started with before moving to something else.

2. Make a plan - Make a plan and follow it daily.

3. Find a system that works and repeat it over and over. If you find a system that works, to make more money just do it again the same way.

4. Do something every day to increase your website traffic or subscribers to your mailing list:

    a) write articles - put them in directories, as them to your website, offer them for free.
    b) Cross promote - promote your other products.
    c) Set up a joint venture - this is a lot easier than you think and some forum has a section just for this purpose.
    d) Create Viral Reports - Let other people give your report away
    e) Bid on Pay Per Clicks
    f) Optimize your website for search engines-learn to optimize your website
    g) Exchange links with other websites-don’t mess with websites less than a PR6
    h) Visit forums and post your website address in your profile box.
    i) Upsell and Downsell - test your prices, web copy and more.
    j) Create Free ebooks and give them away.

5. Keep on learning, visit forums, blogs and more and see how they are made, the topics and more. What are the people looking for? Can you help them with a product that fills that need?

6. If you're new, don't purchase everything on the market. There are many times that you can get something for free that works just as well as the paid version.

If you're not promoting your website on a regular basis and building your mailing lists, one day you'll find yourself out of business.

Charles E. White has been marketing online since 1991. He is an author, webmaster, and has owned several offline businesses. His recipe website with over 20,000 recipes is at:


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How the economy effects New York Fashion Week

February 2009 is just around the corner and with it comes New York Fashion Week; and seemingly the event's sheer statistics are enough to highlight the current troubles facing the fashion industry in light of the world's economic woes.

Last season IMG Fashion, which organizes Fashion Week, boasted more than 80 designers on its schedule. However, only 52 have been confirmed for February Fashion Week so far.

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Nicole Trunfio strips off for Jalouse magazine

Genetic Denim Spring/Summer 2009

After some inspiration for your denim collection in Spring/Summer 2009? Then look no further than Genetic Denim's Spring/Summer 2009 look book.

Genetic Denim Spring/Summer 2009

In it you'll find instances of boyfriend shorts, ripped denim and a bevy of other looks.

Drew Barrymore gets a new blonde hairstyle

We predicted going peroxide blonde as one of our 2009 hair trends, and Drew Barrymore has missed it by a whisker. She's not quite as blonde as Kate Moss who kick started this trend in 2008, but she's almost there. The messy up-do adds to the cool, casual effect of the hairstyle.

Drew Barrymore with Blonde Hair

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Blanco Boutique Sale + Karen Walker Giveaway

If you haven't been keeping an eye on our fashion newsletter, you might have missed the news that online store Blanco Boutique have a fabulous sale on at the moment, with covetable designer pieces up to 75% off! Labels stocked include White Suede, Ruby Smallbone, Maise, Kate Sylvester and more.

We also have one utterly adorable Karen Walker necklace to give away, courtesy of our friends at Blanco Boutique.

To win, simply become a fan of on Facebook. We'll be randomly selecting a winner from our fans.

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Kate Bosworth gorgeous for Tank Magazine

Posted on 10.01.09 in Photo Shoots

One of the film industry's most fashionable up-and-comers, Kate Bosworth looked gorgeous in her latest shoot for TANK Magazine. Shot by Todd Cole, Bosworth sports some revealing sheer trend pieces.

Kate Bosworth for TANK magazine

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Alexi Freeman A/W 2009: 'Criss Cross' Collection

Australian designer Alexi Freeman has always been a favourite of ours; from his demure A/W08 collection to the fun and flirty 'Nautical But Nice' of S/S09. Alexi's latest offering brings a daring palette of fluro yellow, soft grey and silver, as well as the unique 'criss cross' sketch pattern in hues of charcoal and black.

The standouts of the collection are of course the disco-mesh pieces; which I've seen up close and can vouch that no photos could do justice for. Lightweight and semi-sheer, the disco-mesh shimmers from black to blue to gold with changes in movement and light.

Alexi Freeman A/W 2009

If you're in Hobart, you can preview the collection on January 22nd; and also order pieces on the night at 50% off! For the full details, visit the city guides.